The Hottest PAIR in CA, TX, NY (Updated Excel Sheet)

I have some GOOD News!

I just updated the excel sheets I posted earlier today.

The sheet now gives you the hottest PAIR for the week.

For example…

The hottest pair in CALIFORNIA this week is 03.
This pair has already hit 3 times this week:
036 hit on Sunday in California.
037 hit on Monday.
103 hit on Wednesday.

Good for Sunday to Saturday (July 4–10)
610 380 340 415
The Hottest Pair is 03

The hottest pair in NY this week is 59.
It hit TONIGHT in the number 905.

Good for Sunday to Saturday (July 4–10)
596 759 096 863
Hottest Pair is 59

The hottest pair in Texas this week is 28.
It hit on Monday in the number 208.

Good for Sunday to Saturday (July 4–10)
725 361 285 184
Hottest Pair is 28

I suggest you go back and download the excel sheets
again because I just updated them:

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