The $20-$300 AMC TRICK (Don’t Fall For it)

I just read an incredible post on Reditt.

The post is HERE.

Basically…the only way we can lose is if we sell.

The only way to win is by HOLDING over the long term (at least a YEAR).

Therefore, Citadel will use all sorts of psychological tricks to create FEAR and make people sell.

One of the most powerful mental tricks is for them to bring the price of AMC down to say $15 or $20. Now…if you have alot of money in AMC, you may PANIC (which is what they want you to do).

This will be followed by them raising the price back up to say $200 or $300. Now you feel RELIEVED (“wow, I did not lose my money!”).

Question: what will most people do when they see AMC being up $200 or $300 (and it was down to $20 the day before?).

That’s right; many people will sell…which is what Citadel wanted people to do all along.

Do NOT fall for this trick.

The goal here is NOT to make $200 or $300 or $400 per share.

We are looking for at least $5,000 per share.

So be PREPARED for this psychological trick (AMC drops down to $15 or $20….then goes back up to $200 or $300 or $400). Do NOT fall for it. KEEP HOLDING onto AMC. Here is part of the post that goes into this:

So expect some crazy price movements from AMC:

$20……$60……$100…..$29…….$250….$40……$300, etc…

However, if you HOLD and do NOT SELL, you will be rewarded because the price of AMC (over the long term) will look like this:

YES…you can plan ahead and give yourself an exit…but I am thinking (based on what I am seeing) that it should be at least ***$5,000*** per share. What you can do is sell SOME of your shares at $5,000…and KEEP the rest because this thing will keep on climbing.


If you still have not purchased any shares of AMC, I suggest you sign up with fidelity:

Open an account.

I suggest you buy at least 10 shares (if you can only afford to buy 1, 2, or 3 shares – its better than nothing). Then connect your account to your checking account so you can fund your account. Then I suggest you buy some shares of AMC…whatever you can afford.

Stay up to date on what is happening on YouTube HERE.

And follow these two groups on Reddit….This one… and This one.

You need karma points to post on Reddit… can accumulate karma points HERE.

If AMC goes up to $5,000 per share and you have 10 shares, your shares will be worth $50,000. If you have 20 shares, they will be worth $100,000. If you have 150 shares and you cash out, you will be rewarded with $750,000 for being patient!

One more thing. Do not expect to make $50,000 (or $100,000 or $500,000) next week or next month. We have to be PATIENT. I am giving myself a YEAR. This means that drops in prices ($15, $20, $30) no longer bother me because I am looking to hold onto AMC until JULY 2022.

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