OHIO: 273, 327, 348

Someone just asked me about OHIO.
Here is my response:

I post 10 Pick 3 numbers for Ohio (and 25 other states)
every Sunday morning.

The numbers are good for 7 days.

My last Sunday post is HERE.

These are my numbers for Ohio for this week:

OHIO—Keys 42387
Good for Sunday to Saturday (August 15-21)
234 237 238 247 248 278 347 348 378 478

3 hits so far this week:
237 hit twice (273 and 327) and 348 (straight).

Something to keep in mind:
If none of the 10 numbers hit this week,
one or more of them will most likely hit the following week.

Sometimes there will be a two-week gap:
If none of the 10 numbers hit in the last TWO weeks,
there is like an 80% chance that there will be at least
one hit this coming week.

However, If you see two or more hits this week,
there will likely be NO hits next week.

So there may not be any hits for Ohio from the
list I will post tomorrow (Sunday August 22)
because there were 3 hits from the list this week.

For more Ohio hits, I suggest you look at my
Excel sheet for Ohio:

For the last set of 200 numbers, go here:

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