NEW and IMPROVED 7 Day Numbers!

I have some exciting news!

Most of the numbers I post for the week come from this program:

I enter the last 200 numbers on Saturday night. The program then wheels the 5 coldest digits to produce 10 box numbers for the next 7 days (Sunday to Saturday). For example, the numbers for Florida for this week are:

FLORIDA—Keys 62873
Good for Sunday to Saturday (October 24-30)
236 237 238 267 268 278 367 368 378 678

The 10 numbers are based on the five coldest digits in the last 200 drawings in Florida (62873). As you can see, the numbers are arranged from lowest (236) to highest (678). However, this program will be updated soon so that the 10 numbers are arranged from HOTTEST to Coldest. The NEW and IMPROVED output will look like this:

FLORIDA—Keys 62873
Good for Sunday to Saturday (October 24-30)
267 678 238 278 367 368 378 236 237 268

These are the same 10 numbers – but the order is different. This means that the five hottest numbers are:

267 678 238 278 367

The five coldest numbers are: 368 378 236 237 268. The number least likely to hit is the LAST number: 268. I would NOT play this number. Only play the last number if it shows up in your own workout – or if you have a very good reason to play it. The most important thing about this list is that the three hottest numbers for Florida this week are 267, 678, and 238. The hottest number is the FIRST number: 267. Guess what? It hit on Monday in Florida! The 5th number (367) hit on Sunday!

The 7th number (378) hit straight on Friday!

The numbers for this week are HERE.

Go HERE to get the full list of 200 numbers for this week (top report: October 24). Below are the updated instructions for the program. This updated program will be ready later this week!

Enter 20 or more numbers. This program will wheel the 5 coldest digits (the bottom 5 digits). Wheeling these digits results in a playlist of 10 box numbers. For best results enter the last 200 Pick 3 numbers on Saturday night. The 10 numbers will be good for the following week (Sunday to Saturday). The numbers in the front have a greater chance of hitting in the next 7 days. For example, 678 is the best number on the list below. The first five numbers are the best (678 067 018 078 167). Numbers 016 and 017 are neither hot or cold. The last three numbers are the coldest (168 178 068). The last number (068) is the number least likely to hit in the next 7 days.    

678 067 018 078 167 016 017 168 178 068

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