Q & A (South Carolina)

Is there a manual or method that explains how to get the winning numbers for SC? I have read all your books from Amazon and there is no workout or manual. It would take me ten years to put all those numbers in a computer. I would like your ten-day free class; maybe I will understand it better. if I have to pay sixty dollars to learn the manual material, I will pay it.

The manual is FREE. It’s called The NEW YORK EXPLANATION Report. However, there are TWO lists you can use. You can use the Consolidated list for SC (explained in the report; its the same workout for every state). You can also get another set of 5 due numbers from the GENERAL 55 program….see my last few posts so you can see what I mean. This means that at any point in time you can be looking at 10 due numbers (5 from each list). Use the cold and hot pairs to narrow down your list. I will post the SC numbers in a day or two.

Use these two programs to get the cold and hot pairs right now in SC:

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