This product is available for purchase–HERE.

As I stated previously, I fine-tuned the system so next week’s numbers should be better than the Pick 4 numbers I posted for this week.

FREE PREVIEW: You can get the top document (OVERVIEW–READ THIS FIRST) for FREE here (it’s the top document).

If you already paid for this: I just sent you an INVITATION to access all the documents. If you paid and did not get the invitation, email me.

EASY SYSTEM: There is a super EASY version of this system where you just get the 40 number distribution on Saturday night and enter SIX digits into the Excel sheet provided. There is nothing to figure out or code; the Excel sheet gives you the 8 straight numbers to play for the coming week (Sunday to Saturday)!

SAVE $9: Pay $69 on the site to access all the reports. To pay $60 ($9 off) email me with $60-Pick 4 STRAIGHT on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. I will give you access to all the PICK 4 reports after I get your payment. You can email me at: aanewyork4000@gmail.com

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