473 Hit New York Last Night

Notice my watchlist HERE.

I came up with this list by wheeling the top 5 digits from both the 60 and 200 draw boxes. I got these boxes on SATURDAY night.

60-Wheeling 02586 gives me 10 numbers.

200-Wheeling 90258 gives me 10 numbers.

The 2-way list (numbers that show up on both lists) are: 025, 028, 058, 258.

I did the same with the bottom cold digits.

The 2-way list: 134, 137, 147, 347.

Guess what?

347 hit NY last night as 473.

I will keep checking every week to see if these 2-way numbers keep hitting.

By the way….you do NOT need coding for this. You just need to get the distribution of the last 60 and 200 numbers on Saturday night and see if any of the 2-way numbers hit in the next 7 days.

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