Hey I will be purchasing your 3 NUMBER SYSTEM next week. Would I get an extension on the programs? (because mines expires on June 4th). Also I just finished the Pick 4 straight and did 280 codes. On paper I had 1 box hit and 1 straight hit for the month of May. I will continue to keep track to see if it hits more often.

Yes you will get an extension on your membership for free. And just so you know; I am now using a 4 part coding system for the Pick 4 game to get straight hits. I don’t explain it in detail, but you will get a very good idea of what I am doing if you have this product (FREE to those who purchased the first straight program).

Oh….this 4 part coding system works GREAT for the Pick 3 game:

(I am deliberately being vague here because this is the most POWERFUL system
I have right now to get STRAIGHT hits in both games).

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