528 Just Hit New York

My 3 NUMBER SYSTEM predicted just TWO numbers for New York this week: 679 and 258. BOTH of them hit. 679 hit on Sunday (May 29) as 697 and 258 hit on Thursday (June 2) as 528. NOTE: I had an extra number or two on the New York page-but the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM only predicted TWO numbers; 679 and 258.

I just added a new report to the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM explaining these two hits. I explain the exact WORKOUT (step by step) that resulted in these TWO numbers for NY for this week. I also explain how you can modify the basic system so that it WORKS in your state as well as it does in New York. This NEW report is on the bottom HERE.

If you already purchased this product, go back to it and read the new report I just added.


Get the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM + 3 Months Added to Your Account

If you pay for the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM via Paypal, I will add 3 months to your account. Just email me with $89-3 NUMBERS-3 MONTHS on the subject line of your email and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $89. Once I get your payment, I will give you access to all the Reports that explain this system PLUS I will give you 3 month access to my programs (if you already have access, I will add 3 months to your account).

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