You Only Need 4 Systems

UPDATE: To hit consistently in the Pick 3 game, you only really need 4 systems:

3 Number System
7 Lines System
10 Hottest Pairs
10 Most Due Pairs

You will have to experiment with these 4 systems to figure out the best “combination” for your state. You will have to figure out how to combine these systems for best results because every state works differently, but I can guarantee you this; some combination of these 4 systems will give you consistent hits in ANY state.


I am updating this program:

Because its taking too long for one of the numbers to hit. 
With 3 due lines, a hit will come faster. 

This means that my 7 LINE system will now become the 8 LINE system. 

The most due line will still be on the bottom. 
The output will soon look like this:

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