BASIC FOUR: Explanation

Notice that I am posting 4 numbers for several states on the WATCHLIST page. These numbers are based on my brand new BASIC FOUR system. If you purchased the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM, go to the reports and you will see that I just posted a brand-new report that explains how I am coming up these numbers.

By the way…4 of the 5 numbers I posted for New York for this week are the Basic Four numbers. They are posted HERE.

STRATEGY: I am using 3 systems right now. They include BASIC FOUR, MATCH 200 (same as the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM), and 9 LINES. The way this works is this; I collect all the numbers from these systems and put them all in the Group Matching System to find numbers that repeat (numbers showing up in more than one system). These matching numbers (sometimes ONE or TWO numbers) are the BEST numbers to play. There is a report explaining each of these systems in THIS PRODUCT.

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