NEW YORK: 379 376 025 179 056

These are my updated numbers for NY. They are arranged in order of importance.

NEW YORK: 379 376 025 179 056
Good for 10 Days: June 18-27

379 is the best number to play in NY. I have to add 376 because of Rule 69.

This is followed by 025, 179, and 056.

If playing 179, also play 176.

If playing 056, also play 059.

Rule 69 states that digit 6 tends to hit as 9 and digit 9 tends to hit as 6. Therefore, if you think that 379 will hit you should also play 376 just in case the number hits as 376 (these are BOX numbers by the way; they can hit in any order: 379, 397, 739, 793, 937, 973). If you like 056 you should also play 059.

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