Maryland is the Winner

I post 10 numbers for 29 states on Sunday morning. Here is a question: which state gets the most hits? I just counted all the hits for the last 19 weeks. The results I got are on an Excel sheet I just posted on the FREE reports section HERE.

It turns out that GEORGIA and MARYLAND got the most hits in the last 19 weeks; they both got 23 hits. Texas and Virginia did well; Texas got 22 hits and Virginia got 21 hits.

However, Maryland is better. The dark boxes below represent weeks with no hits. As you can see, Maryland only has two boxes; Georgia has 7 boxes. This means that Maryland is getting ONE or TWO hits almost every week. Maryland is better for another reason; it only has 2 drawings per day – Georgia has 3 drawings per day.

By the way….the numbers for Maryland for this week are:

MARYLAND—Keys 67814
Good for Sunday to Saturday (Aug 7-13)
146 147 148 167 168 178 467 468 478 678 (10)


The worst performing states are below. These states got 13 or less hits in the last 19 weeks.

I do NOT recommend that you play the numbers I post on Sunday in Illinois, Arizona, Nebraska and Louisiana. My numbers rarely hit in these states.

Since the numbers I post are based on the 5 hottest digits in the last 60 drawings – if you play these states, you may want to experiment with the 5 COLDEST digits in the last 60 drawings; use the program below.

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