10 Number EXCEL Tracking Sheet-FREE!

Somebody just emailed me an Excel spreadsheet that tracks the 10 numbers that I send out on Sunday morning. They said this about this system:

Hey, I took your 10 number system and put all the HOT States at the Top. I came up with a way to hit straight every week. I wait till Thursday before I play the numbers. When I do play I only play it 4 ways instead of 6. So if a number is 012 I will play it like 120 210 102 201 without the first digit in front because in the past weeks its rare that the first number comes out first. I sent you an attachment to see my results. The states I have in Green for the week are states that are super HOT for a Hit or 2!!! If you think that this is a great way to get straight hits every week–UPDATE: This is the better updated version with 10 of the Hottest States that your 10 Number List works with. I have tracked everything I could to help. Maybe youll be able to see patters. Ex. Very Rarely does it go 3 weeks without a Hit. And for Virginia most draws Hit within the first 5 draws! 

You will have to download this sheet and study it yourself. I took a brief look at it and it looks GOOD. This sheet is FREE. Its the top sheet HERE.

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