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I am using a system that tracks the next TWO drawings. I will have to adjust this for one draw per day states (you can track this on a draw to draw basis). WHAT YOU CAN DO: On a day-to-day basis, write down the line that hit that day. For example, if a number from line 8 hits next, write down 8. Keep in mind that a NEW box will be generated tomorrow using the last 80 numbers (this box of 80 numbers changes slightly every day). Write down the line that hits tomorrow and the next day, etc. The NEW line always goes on top of your list. If you have this: 4-6-2-1-7 and line 1 one hits next, it goes in the front or on top: 1-4-6-2-7, etc. So the line up is dynamic; it is always changing. After a while, you will have 9 lines; one of them is due. A number from that due line will hit soon after. That is basically the Rundown-8 System in a nutshell.

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