$4500 Won in TENNESSEE!! (Numbers posted This MORNING!!)

These numbers are FREE….but not for long.
One player in particular is taking full advantage of my daily predictions.
089 is in the report I posted THIS MORING!!
It just hit TN.  

Strategy: 10 States on my Daily Report

8 numbers per state.

8 X 6 = 48 Straight Numbers.

48 X 5 = $240 Per State (play each straight number 5X).

$240 per state X 10 states = $2400 Total Investment Per Drawing.

$2400 is ALOT of money to spend on a drawing.

However, just ONE hit will pay $900 X 5 or $4500.

Again: just ONE hit pays $4500 !!

So the $2400 investment is worth it

This strategy works because my numbers HIT!

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