Average: 3 Hits Per Day

I have been using this system for 10 days so far.

There have been a total of 32 hits (see today’s Excel sheet HERE).

This means that if you use this system (play the 8 numbers in all 30 states) you will average about 3 hits per day – and you only need 2 hits to show a profit. So this system is profitable! Eventually I will reduce the list down to the hottest 20 states.

NOTE: The math below is not 100% accurate because you will have to play 2 drawings on some states (and 3 drawings in TN and GA…4 in TX) – but you only have to play 1 drawing in some states (AZ, NE). So it averages out….almost. The math will work once I reduce the list down to 20 states.

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