Daily Hits

Texas Game Master

Click on the link below to open my latest Pick 3 report! TEXAS Database-2017-2016 ======================================= ======================================= The Texas Super 5: If you play Texas numbers, you will get a few hits every month by only playing 5 numbers: 156, 159, 356, 359, and 234. Feel free to back test these numbers all you want; I […]

What Numbers Should You Play Today?

I just got an email from a player asking what numbers to play in New York this week. Here is my response: Just use the system I explain in Book-3 HERE.  The numbers that you would play in New York today, for example, come from the three keys (or simply the KEY) you get from […]

“I’m well on my way to winning 1,500.00..”

I just got two testimonials regarding the Daily Hits system. Book-3, which explains the system, will be up on Amazon today or tomorrow! Anthony, Just a quick note to let you know that out of 12 bets I have placed the last 2 days using your Pick 3 Daily system I have won 9 of […]

735 Just Hit Wisconsin

It looks like the Daily Hits program can be used on a draw to draw basis in one-draw per day states. For example, 735 just hit Wisconsin as you can see HERE.  The Daily Hits program predicted this number (based on the last two numbers that hit). Pick 3 Daily Hits Good for the Next Two Drawings […]