How to Get the Straight List for Your State – Right Now!

At least two of the straight numbers for May have hit so far as you can see HERE.

I say “at least two” because I have not checked the other states.  I bring this up because last night I came up with an updated straight list for New York HERE. I SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME FOR YOUR STATE. As you can see on the page above, the new straight numbers for NY are 431, 053, 113, 437, 838, 921. And I got them by entering the last 300 numbers into the Straight Group Matching program.  

By the way…you should have the results of your state on a Word document….and you should keep adding the newer results in front….so all you have to do is COPY and PASTE the numbers into the TOP input box of the program. Just add or delete numbers until you have the last 300 numbers. (I will be adding another version of the Straight Group Matching System program that automatically deletes all entries past the 300th number). These numbers are good for the next 30 days…..although I would not be surprised if one of them hits in the next 2 to 3 weeks (14 to 21 days). My current theory is this: at least one out of 10 of these numbers WILL HIT in the next 30 days….but the profitability of these numbers is so high, that 1 out of 10 is still profitable. Remember, a $1 straight hit pays $900 at 

So….come up with the updated straight list for you state…write the numbers down…..and then see what happens in the next 30 days. Make sure to read chapter 32 of my book for an explanation of the theory behind this straight number system.


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