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Hi, could you please give me a clear definition of a pair, Im just a little confused. If I write down the number 631 is the pair defined as 63 and 31 or 63 and 61 ( or are there 3 pairs; 63,31,61). If the number is 868, do we have 86 and 88 or can it be 86, 86,88. Thanks for your help.

In the number 631 you have three pairs: 63, 31, and 61. And I would write the pairs in box form (low-high) so they would be 36, 13, 16. In the number 868 you have 68 and 88. However, I tend to focus on singles so for 868 I basically see one pair: 68. By the way, the Due Pairs Play List is a great program for finding due pairs….which tend to hit soon after.

Here is the BEST and most useful strategy when it comes to pairs:

Start out with the 55 pairs and take away pairs from the list starting from the most recent hits in your state. For example, if 123 hit last in your state, take away pairs 12, 23, and 13 from the list of 55 pairs. If 345 hit before, remove pairs 34, 45, and 35. Go to the previous number and do the same. Keep removing pairs until you only have 27 pairs left (about half of 55). 

What you will notice is that one of those 27 pairs will hit almost every day after that (incredible – but true!). Use the pairs that have not hit as a guide on what numbers to play (so only play numbers that have one of the remaining pairs). Keep crossing off or removing pairs from the list as they hit – until you have 8 pairs left; then repeat the process: start out with the 55 pairs again and remove pairs starting from the most recent hits until you have 27 pairs again.

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