The Delta-5 of 009 is 31458

In my Follower-1 book I talk about something called Delta-5. Every number in the Pick 3 has its own set of five Delta digits. You can take these five digits and enter them on the Wheeling Program (which you will find on and wheel them to get a playlist of 10 numbers.

The number 009 hit New York on Thursday night (July 16) and the Delta-5 for the number 009 is 31458 (I explain the workout you have to do to get these five digits in the book). When we enter these five digits on the Wheeling Program, it gives us this:

Wheeling Program
Wheel 31458:
134 135 138 145 148 158 345 348 358 458 (10).

Why I am bringing this up?

Because 385 hit on the very next drawing!

134 135 138 145 148 158 345 348 358 458 (10).


The title of my next book will be Follower-3: Delta-5 and the Shortlist. In this book I will list the Delta-5 (and Delta-3) digits for ALL 220 box numbers in the game, and the corresponding playlist of 10 numbers. The entire list will be on the book! This list will be a great timesaver. Now you will not have to spend time doing the workout for every number; just look at the list! And here is the Best News of all: It will be priced at just $9.99. This will make this list available to everybody. This book should be ready in about 2 weeks.

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