I am now on Fiverr!

I am now on Fiverr!!

Check it out: http://alturl.com/hnxp5

My basic gig is for $5 and gives you Volumes 1 and 2.

If you have these already, I will give you Follower 1 and Straight-1 instead….for $5!

(Follower-1 is an AWESOME book!)

Look at the bottom for my Extra Gigs..they are amazing. I will give you 60 day access to my programs for $10 (I suggest you take advantage of this
offer ASAP!)

My other Gig gives you Cheat Sheet-3 PLUS 10 day access…for just $5.

Pretty cool, uh??

Please buy a gig and give me 5 stars. And say something nice…”great job” or “excellent” or “I love this!”.

Thanks alot.

Oh….you can re-order gigs (as long as the gig is up).

(I have a feeling some people will re-order that 60 day access gig a few times!)

Here is the page again: 

Short link:http://alturl.com/hnxp5

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