VIP Member Only: System 22

I am throwing around a lot of free offers and access to my programs and if you are a VIP member (paying $60 a month), you might be feeling left out.

Well, not for long.

I want to give you a heads up on what I am working on in the background.

I am working on a system which I am calling System 22.

It will only be available to VIP members.

With this system you look at the two numbers that hit today to get a list of numbers good for the two drawings of the following day; that is why it is called System 22: you use two numbers to get a playlist good for the next two drawings.

The great thing about this system is that the list is good for TODAY only (assuming you are in a 2 draw per day state). So you don’t have to worry about hits coming later this week, or next week, or even the next 15 days; the list this system gives you are good for just TWO drawings.

In other words, the two numbers that hit yesterday will tell you what numbers to play today…so in a way you will be “trapping” the hit because you know that the winning number will be (many times) on the list you have for today’s two drawings.

I am now thinking that the list will have maybe 15 numbers (all box) which means that you have a “free pass” for 5 days (30 numbers per day X 5 = 150, and 5dimes pays $150 for a $1 box bet.

If there are no hits in this 5 day cycle, you can double it up for the next 5 day cycle to pretty much GUARANTEE a hit (I will make sure that the 15 numbers has a track record of hitting at least once in any 10 day period).

There are many great implications to this system!

Once you have a list of numbers good for today only, you can use other systems and programs to narrow the list even further to target maybe 5, 3, or maybe even ONE number…that hits TODAY!

I am still working on this system. I will send out an email when it’s ready to go. Give me 2 to 3 weeks!

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