Start from Book-25 (Shortcut)

I have many books in the 7 Day Book series – and I have more coming! I just sent out Book-43 this morning. Book-44 will be out next Sunday. If you want to “catch up” as quickly as possible, I have two suggestions.

FIRST: Join the 7 Day Club. It is just $12 to join and will give you (A) the previous 4 books in the series for FREE (they will cost you $2.99 each on Amazon) plus you will also get (B) 30 day access to my programs! You will also get the next 5 books in the series (Books 44, 45, 46, 47, and 48). You get all this (9 books + 30 day access to my programs) for just $12. To join, email me with “$12 – 7 Day Club” on the subject line of your email. My email is OR I will send you a Paypal invoice right away.

SECOND, When researching the previous books, you can start from Book-25. This little “shortcut” will save you some time and money!


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