I Hit 671 Straight Last Night in NY

See a screenshot of my 5dimes back office below.


I posted this number (167) along with four other numbers for NY on Sunday.


Yes, these 5 numbers for New York did NOT hit in the last two weeks – but that is common with this system. I know this because I have seen two back to back weeks with no hits in the past.  Now I am expecting these numbers to hit 3 to 6 times between now and July 31. I will continue to post these 5 numbers for FREE on Sunday morning.

IF YOU DO NOT PLAY NY NUMBERS:  I suggest you really study my coding system because the 5 numbers that I post for NY every Sunday come from the hottest 5 codes for NY. I explain my coding system HERE.

I will be discussing this hit and a NEW betting strategy I will be using that will put $1000 to $2000 in my pockets EVERY MONTH in the next book, Book-44, out this coming Sunday!



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