I Just Hit 736 Straight in New York

This number is from the 20 Straight Number System. I sent out the list before (you should have it if you are on my email list). The last hit from this system was on SEPTEMBER 10 and the number was 930. That was 3 weeks ago + 2 days (I just put a mark on those two dates on my calendar: Sept 10 and Oct 3). Maybe this means that one should increase one’s bet after 21 days? Maybe this late hit means that the next hit from this system will come sooner (in a week?). I am not sure yet – I am just happy that I finally found a system that WORKS! 


GET THE LIST FOR YOUR STATE! You can request a similar list of numbers for your state for just $20. Just email me with $20-X on the subject line of your email with X being the state you want. For example, email me with $20-Florida if you want the list for Florida or $20-Ohio if you want the list for Ohio. I will send you a Paypal invoice right away for $20. I will start working on your list right after I get payment. I will email you the list within 48 hours. INCLUDES 30 DAY ACCESS! I will also give you 30 day access to my programs! If you currently have access, I will add 30 days to your account. You can email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com. 

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