This is Good (Straight Numbers for GEORGIA!)

Hey Anthony; we talked before about 5dimes new Lottery page.
Can you manually type in multiple numbers in the square box or
just one number at a time? I already know you can’t copy and paste
multiple numbers.

Yes; when I put in my 20 numbers I type them in one at a time.

In a way, this is good.

If you can not copy a bunch of numbers at the same time, it will discourage you from using any system that requires you to play too many numbers (50, 100, 150, 200, 300, etc). This is a good thing because you are risking alot of money when you play too many numbers. Luckily, typing in 20 numbers one at a time is no big deal…and I place a blanket bet on the numbers (I play them for 4 to 7 days at one time), so I do not have to write in the numbers every day.

I sent out a report containing hot straight numbers for NEW YORK last night. In addition to the 20 straight numbers, this report also has ONE super hot box number you can play in New York. Email me if you did not get the report. I can be reached at

I will be sending out a report containing straight numbers for GEORGIA in a day or two (maybe later today). This will be a FREE report. 

Watch out for it!

Email me to be added to my email list if you if you are not on it already.

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