I Just Hit 490 in New York (pair 09 predicted)

Another day, another hit from my coding system! 

I just hit 490 box in New York! 

490-March 11, 2018

This is from pair 09, one of the two pairs I predicted for NY this week.

You can see my original post HERE.

This is my 3RD hit this week!

I hit 978 box on Sunday.
I hit 792 box yesterday…and 490 today!



By the way…978 (from pair 89) came from using my ONE Number System…which I explain in the Coding Report HERE.  With this system, you only have to play ONE number in a 7 day period (my system works in 7 day cycles; Sunday to Saturday). All the details are explained in the ADVANCED STRATEGIES section at the end of the Coding Report.

I just updated the Best System page HERE where I explain the TWO ways you can learn my 7 Day Coding System. The two ways you can learn my coding system are:

1-Read the REPORT
2-Take my TRAINING.

Also, see the bottom of the page where I answer this question:

What are the Differences Between the Report and the Training?

Also, look at the $99 Special: Now you can pick what you want:
1-The Report + 3 Months of Gold  


2-The Training + 3 Months of Gold.

Email me if you have any questions at 

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