4738 Hit New York Today (Predicted by My System)

See my previous post. In the PDF on that post I discussed my new Win 4 System for New York. This system gives you 10 numbers for the New York Pick 4 game…and 3478 was one of the 10 numbers for this week.

It hit today for midday as 4738.

I missed the hit because of a timing issue (I should have started playing the numbers earlier in the week). I explain this  timing issue (and an improvement to the system) in a follow up report to the Win 4 System I just wrote.

Something to keep in mind here is that if these numbers are played for $1 box at 5dimes, you will win $375. If played for $2, you will win $750. If played for $3, $4, or $5…we are looking at serious money being made on a consistent regular basis. If you have a 5dimes account, you can play these numbers even if you are not in New York (you can play numbers from any state from 5dimes). And as a reminder:

1-You do NOT need access to my programs to use this system.

2-No Coding Required to use this system.

3-You need a 5dimes account if you are not in New York.

4-If you live in New York, you can use this system with or without a 5dimes account.

If you are interested in getting this system, the cost is $60. Email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-New York Win 4 System. I will send you an invoice right away. You will get my two emails that explain this system right after I get payment.


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