The Last 6 Hits from my Win 4 System

How about the Win 4/Pick 4 game? I have a system for the Win 4 game as well. Unfortunately, this system is only for the New York Win 4 game. However, you can benefit from the generous $375 and $750 payouts if you have a 5dimes account. Before I explain that in more detail, I will say that this system gives you just 10 numbers to play BOX at All 10 numbers are SINGLES. You play the SAME 10 numbers for about two weeks; then you get a new set of 10 numbers. You will hit 2, 3 or 4 times PER MONTH in the New York Win 4 game. Below are the last 6 numbers predicted by the system. All the hits were BOX hits. Getting all 6 hits only required playing 10 numbers.

4738 Hit NY on May 9 (Predicted by the System)
2184 Hit NY on April 27 (Predicted by the System)
8041 Hit NY on April 17 (Predicted by the System)
5873 Hit NY on April 10 (Predicted by the System)
6538 Hit NY on March 30 (Predicted by the System)
1457 Hit NY on March 28 (Predicted by the System)

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