Play the 40 Hottest Codes

In Book-1 (Introduction) HERE I said that I found the Final Solution to the Pick 3 riddle. Now I see that the codes only provide the starting point of a complete and workable solution. The complete solution also includes other rules and strategies. Here are two of those additional rules and strategies:

1-Every player is trying to play less numbers. That is understandable but it does NOT work. Playing less numbers usually means that you will NOT be getting a hit. The solution is to play MORE of the right numbers. That is exactly what the 7 Day Coding System provides; the codes of the hottest numbers.

2-The Perfect Playlist is based on the 40 hottest codes. This will generate
(on average) about 6 hits per week (over a 10 week period). That is enough to make this system profitable (if the numbers are played at

In Book-1 and 2 I was against using hot codes because they did not work
(or so I thought). Now I see that (1) I did not have enough codes at the time and (2) I was not using enough of them.

The solution is in the CODES.

More specifically, the top 40 codes.

So do this (assuming you are using my coding system and have 400 or
more codes collected for your state); enter all the codes you have into the Group Matching System program and look at the output. Count 40 numbers from the top (Example: 7-way, 6-way, 5-way, etc). These are the 40 hottest codes in your state.

Enter these into your Excel sheet, one code at a time.
(I explain how to do this in Book-2: The Coding Report).

Then enter the distribution for Saturday night.

See how many of the 40 numbers hit the following week.

You may be disappointed (like I was) to only see 2 or 3 hits on certain
weeks (you need to get at least 4 hits in a 7 day period to see a profit

HOWEVER, if you back test those 40 numbers in the last 10 WEEKS,
you will be amazed to see around 60 hits (you will average about 6 hits
per week)…which makes this system very profitable.

I recently gave up on the Win 4 game…but I changed my mind because the SAME solution works in the Win 4 game. For the Win 4 game you would have to collect 500 to 600 codes and identify the 40 to 60 hottest codes. For now, I will say the hottest 40 codes.

Here is the SECRET: You have to see how the 40 numbers performed during a 10 WEEK PERIOD because even the 40 hottest codes will have “slow” weeks where only 1, 2, or 3 of the numbers hit. However, when you look at 10 consecutive weeks, you will definitely be showing a profit because you will see weeks with 7, 8, 9, and even 10 hits!

This is an expensive solution = $140 spent per week at 5dimes when the 40 numbers are played for 0.25 cents box in a 2-draw per day state…
but this solution WORKS consistently.

YES…this means spending $1400 over a 10 week period.
However, you should see about 60 hits during this time (6 hits per week). 60 hits during a 10 week period means that $2250 will be won ($37.50 X 60). This makes the profit during the 10 weeks $850.

If the 40 numbers are played $1 box, the profit is 4X this or $3,400.

If you have not done so already, I suggest you start learning my 7 Day Coding System, which I explain HERE. 

The Win 4 game is coded in the same way. Once you learn how to code the Pick 3 game, you can code the Win 4 game. Then its just a matter of collecting alot of codes (400 to 600) and identifying the hottest 40 codes on the list. This system will be very profitable for the Win 4 game if the numbers are played at

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