715 Just Hit NY (Pair 15 Predicted)

I predicted pair 15 for New York this week HERE.  As you can see on the post, this is the only prediction I made for NY this week. The reason for this is that system I used to make this prediction is the closest thing to A SURE THING that I have ever come across in the Pick 3 game. The system works 80% to 99% of the time. The system is simple; the hottest pair from the codes on Saturday night (last Saturday, June 30: Pair 15, which is CODE 79 in NY) is also one of the 4 most due pairs (the 4 most due pairs on Saturday June 30 were 06, 07, 15, 13).  Here we have a match. But there was something else: hot pair 79 did NOT hit the previous week; so it was super due to hit (it is the HOTTEST pair in NY and it hits almost every week). Whenever you see these factors (the hottest pair did not hit the previous week and it is also one of the 4 most due pairs), that pair will hit in the next 7 days 80% to 99% of the time. 

715-July 6

This system is so powerful and reliable that I will explain it in  more detail in my next book: Book-705. 


Regarding the 40 number system I posted about yesterday:

The system works great, but it has some limitations. There are so many numbers to play (40) that the numbers will have to be played online at 5dimes.com to make the system profitable. However, there are two alternative strategies to consider.

1-Only play the first set of numbers (the numbers corresponding to the 10 hottest codes).

The second strategy you can use is this:

2-Divide the 40 numbers into 4 sets of numbers (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40) and play the due set. In other words, if the 1st set got a hit (1-10), and the 3rd set got a hit (21-30) and the 4th set got a hit (31-40), it means that the 2nd set (11-20) is due to get a hit soon; so you would only play the 10 numbers that correspond to codes 11 to 20.


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