South Carolina: 123 134 156 246 259

Read my NY EXPLANATION report to understand how I came up with this list for SC. To get this FREE report, email me with SEND ME NY EXPLANATION REPORT on the subject line of your email and I will email it to you. The same workout is used in all states. Once you have the list, start removing (or crossing off) numbers from the list. Start from the end. The first number I crossed off was 047 (704). Then I crossed off 245 (425). Then I crossed off 189 (198). And so forth. I kept doing this until there were 5 numbers left on the list. These are the 5 most due numbers in SC right now. One of them should be hitting soon.

STRATEGY: You can use the 10-DUE PAIRS program to get the 10 most due pairs in SC right now. And use the PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER-210 program to get the 10 hottest pairs. These pairs can help you narrow the 5 numbers down to one or two super-hot numbers.

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