0404 STRAIGHT in New York

There was actually a straight Pick 4 hit in New York this week – but the number was on the list for the previous week. Below are the numbers I posted for the week of May 22-28. The number 0404 hit straight the following week (May 29-June 4) on Saturday June 4.

So there may be a one-week time lag with these straight numbers.

You can see the list on the bottom of THIS POST.

Also….it looks like the Excel sheet I posted for NY works in other states too:

So if you are interested in straight Pick 4 hits, this may be a good purchase.

Email me with the code below on the subject line of your email and I will give you access to this product for $69.


I will send you a Paypal invoice for $69. I will give you access to the Report and Excel sheet after I get your payment. BONUS: I will also give you 4 MONTH access to my programs! If you already have access, I will add 4 MONTHS to your account.

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