Good for this week: June 26-July 2

Good for this week: June 26-July 2

GEORGIA: 156 159
Good for this week: June 26-July 2

NORTH CAROLINA: 268 289 345
Good for this week: June 26-July 2

NEW JERSEY: 136 139
Good for this week: June 26-July 2

OHIO: 156 158 159
Good for this week (June 26-July 2)

Good for this week: June 26-July 2

How am I getting these numbers?

I am using a PRIVATE program that does the 9 LINE System workout for me automatically (it’s all explained in the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM product). I just enter the last 200 numbers that hit and I am only looking for special 4-WAY numbers. Usually there are only ONE or TWO of these special numbers. For example, the program only gave me ONE 4-way number for Florida: 034 and it gave me ONE number for TN (458) and CA (038).

NOTE: If the program gives a long list of numbers (usually 3-way) skip it; do the workout again in a day or two. For example: right now the program is giving me 12 numbers (3-way) for TEXAS: so I am not posting those. I will try again in a few days.

GOOD News: If you purchased the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM I will give you access to this PRIVATE program later this week. This special program will do the 9 LINE workout for you in ONE shot (as opposed to you using 5 different programs to get the same numbers).

BAD News: The price of the 3 NUMBER SYSTEM will be going up to $97 in a day or two…so I recommend you purchase it NOW while its still $89.

NO; these numbers don’t always hit. However, if you are only playing a SHORT list of numbers, not all of your numbers have to hit for you to show a profit.

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