Connected Pairs (NEW Programs!)

People have been asking me for this program for a long time. Now it’s finally up. Enter any set of PAIRS and this program will CONNECT them and create the corresponding numbers. For example, pairs 23 and 35 will make number 235 and pairs 34 and 49 will make number 349. This program needs at least 5 pairs to work. In the example below, I entered the 10 most due pairs for New York right now. The program connected the matching pairs (pairs that share one dight) and turned the 10 pairs into 14 numbers. There is an EXCELLENT chance that one of these 14 numbers will hit NY in the next 1 to 4 days. By the way…the BEST numbers are the ones with the first THREE pairs: 05, 19, 13 (numbers 015, 045, 057, 123, 135, 138, 139, 159, 189).



Here is the program for the Pick 3 game:

There is a program for the Pick 4 game too. The program below will connect PICK 4 pairs. It will give you SINGLES and DOUBLES.

Use this program to get the 10 most due pairs for the PICK 4 game:

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