The Pick 4 Box (STRAIGHT Coding)

I just put up a program you can use to get the box for the Pick 4 game. Just enter the last 200 Pick 4 numbers for your state starting from the last number that hit on Saturday night. You can find it here on the menu:

Below is the current box for New York.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you previously purchased any of my Pick 4 programs (This one or This one), you can use this 3-level box as the reference point to code the Pick 4 game. In other words, get the box for your state on Saturday night and use it to code the numbers that hit the following week. And YES; you can use this box to get STRAIGHT codes. Any number can be coded straight as long as the digits that make up the number are in the box. For example, 4703, 5133, and 0884 can be coded straight for NY based on the box for this week. Keep in mind that a number like 5133 will have more than one code because the digit 1 repeats on the box.

However, as I explained on these products, you have to code MANY weeks (minimum; 40 weeks) to find repeating straight codes. You can find these repeating codes by copying all your codes and pasting them into any of the Straight Group Matching programs. One more thing; this box is a very small field; you are bound to find very clear patterns (of which digits tend to hit the most) after coding 20 or 30 weeks.

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