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EMAIL I JUST GOT: Hello Anthony, How do you get the straight numbers for the month? I noticed in August you said the straight number for NC was 582. It actually hit the first week in September. I’m trying to figure out if the ones you predicted for the month of September will hit in the same manner; 717 and 641. Should I expect the same pattern as last time? Play those two number in the first week of October? Thanks for your help.

MY RESPONSE: You get those numbers by entering the last 300 numbers on the Straight number program:

Best Programs

But I don’t like this system anymore; its too unreliable. One month they hit, the next they don’t. Its hit or miss; and I want something that works consistently. I like the system I am using now with the 3 Revelation programs; its more reliable and the numbers with consistently. And like I said on the report I sent out on Sunday: if I get 8 or more hits in 5 days (Sun through Thu) this system will be a Guaranteed Money Maker; and it looks like there WILL me 8 or more hits!

Once I get more feedback on these numbers, I will start posting their straight version. Its just a matter of playing them 6 ways: so 2 box numbers become 12 straight numbers. And 4 box numbers become 24 straight numbers. The investment here will be substantial – but when you are winning $225 (0.25 cents) or $900 per hit ($1 bet played at 5dimes)….it will be worth the investment.


EMAIL I JUST GOT: Anthony, the 7 Day Club is an excellent idea but, you cannot publish the master list of numbers for everyone, it won’t be fair to those in the club; will you? An observation.

MY RESPONSE: I will be posting the list for everyone. The advantage of joining the 5 DAY CLUB is that you get the list on Sunday; usually on Sunday MORNING; before everybody else gets it on Sunday night or even on Monday. So you will get the list before everybody else gets it on Amazon, which many times will be late on Sunday or even on Monday. So you are basically paying to get the list BEFORE everyone else gets it. You can learn more about this new service by clicking on the link below to open up a PDF report on this Club. 

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