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4 Hits from Book-4 So Far

Monday- Oct 12 Georgia: 703 (037) Illinois: 193 (139)  Texas: 831 (138) Virginia: 519 (159)

New Master List of 60 Numbers (33 Singles, 27 Doubles)

I will be testing out this list this week. This list is good for all states.  33 SINGLES 012 017 018 025 026 037 047 058 059 078 125 139 148 158 159 236 237 257 258 347 348 349 357 368 369 389 458 469 479 568 578 579 689 (33) ====================================== 27 DOUBLES […]

Testimonial I Just Got

Quick note as I am always running two jobs and have four kids. I just wanted to say that you have got to be the best one out there. The hits are happening here in Ga. You are brilliant and I aim to get my hands on everything that you write. Only thing is I […]

Preview of Book-4 (Oct 11-Oct 17)

I ran into “problems” while back testing the DR20 system this weekend – but something very good came out of it. I found a system that gives you 10 numbers for the week that tend to hit. I actually back tested the system last week with the numbers from Book-3 and the system had a hit for almost all […]

“My Top System” is Up on Amazon

“My Top System” is Up on Amazon I suggest you read this Kindle book if: (1) You want to understand the Reference Box. (1) You want to understand the Revelation Box. (1) You want to understand my current Top System in detail. (1) You want to understand where I am getting the weekly 7 […]

NEW VIP-Only Program: Program Instructions for DR20

This program will only be accessed by VIP members (you can join on a month to month basis if interested, email me for details at I describe VIP membership on THIS PAGE. However, you will still be able to use this brand new system (DR20) by carefully reading the detailed instructions below. This brand […]

The Revelation Box is the Improved Reference Box

Somebody should go to this thread and mention the Revelation Box: That is what TasBob wants to know….because the Revelation Box is the improved Reference Box. ============================ By the way, I will explain both the Reference Box and the Revelation Box in detail in my next book…which should be up on Amzon this week.

547 in NY on Sunday 10-4 (138, 148, 158)

The number 547 hit New York on Sunday. If you have Book 3, look at the bottom two levels of the 60 draw Revelation Box for this week for New York. EASY hit, right? (You may have to read Secrets-1 to get this one). I like the numbers 138, 148, and 158 for New York […]

Hit Report for Book 3

Sunday-Oct 4 Colorado – 841(148) Maryland – 970 (079) ​​Monday-Oct 5 No hits ​Tuesday-Oct 6​ Arizona – 605 (056) Oklahoma – 195 (159) South Carolina – 914 (149)      

Book 3 is up on Amazon (2 hits so far!)

The book is here: Two hits yesterday, Sunday-Oct 4 Colorado: 841 (148) Maryland: 970 (079)