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How to Get 9 Straight Hits in 10 Drawings! (NEW SYSTEM!!)

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Book-45: Workout 88 and the Weekly Hit Rate (WHR)

Book-45 will be out this coming Sunday, July 24. I will be explaining something I call Workout 88 and a Brand New Strategy that will tell you, with mathematical precision, how frequently your codes will hit your state EVERY WEEK. I call this the Weekly Hit Rate or WHR for short. This is an AMAZING […]

NY This Week (July 17-23): 026, 028, 078, 079, 149, 156, 166, 167, 257 (9)

I just updated the codes for New York (Week 1 to Week 43) and unfortunately this resulted in 9 hot codes for NY, not 5. This means that there are 9 hot numbers for New York this week. Play them if you can afford to. If not, play the ones you like best. These numbers […]

Book-44: Learn How to Get 10 Straight Hits in ONE WEEK!

I just sent out Book-44 to 7 Day Club and VIP members and I have to tell you; this is one of the BEST books I have ever put out. I go over many strategies here and the most important one is an improvement I made to the 8 digits used in System 88. The […]

New York Numbers for July 17 to July 23: 079, 165, 166, 257, 419

Box numbers good for NY for the week of July 17 to July 23: 079, 165, 166, 275, 419 NEW System Based on Four Hot Digits. Four Hot Digits for this week in NY: 5026 Four Hot Numbers: 025, 026, 056, 256 I will no longer be posting Pick 4 numbers. I have been having […]

Make $1749 Every Month… Automatically

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