I Found THE Solution to the Pick 3 Riddle on 9-10-2016

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I Just Hit 651 Straight in NY

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Stop Using System 88. Book-47 will Have Several Updates and Improvements

I just figured out a way to use 7 digits while at the same time make the system more accurate! I will explain these improvements in Book-47, out this coming Sunday August 7. I will email it to you in the morning if you are VIP or 7 Day Club member. To learn how to […]

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Book-45: Workout 88 and the Weekly Hit Rate (WHR)

Book-45 will be out this coming Sunday, July 24. I will be explaining something I call Workout 88 and a Brand New Strategy that will tell you, with mathematical precision, how frequently your codes will hit your state EVERY WEEK. I call this the Weekly Hit Rate or WHR for short. This is an AMAZING […]

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Start from Book-25 (Shortcut)

I have many books in the 7 Day Book series – and I have more coming! I just sent out Book-43 this morning. Book-44 will be out next Sunday. If you want to “catch up” as quickly as possible, I have two suggestions. FIRST: Join the 7 Day Club. It is just $12 to join […]